• Guidelines for Mobile Application Development

    11 June 2014

    Mobile application development has grown horizons and acquired enormous popularity in the recent times. It is the new feather in the business development. Mobile apps are used to accelerate the lengthy tasks, and ultimately steer productivity and save funds. Businesses across the globe are adopting this newest form of technological advancement owing to the tremendous success of mobile app development.

    Mobile application development has modernized business processes amazingly, minimising the time to accomplish the organization’s processes by up to 70%. However there are certain best practices to be observed for developing mobile applications which will help you to realize your goals.

    1.Target Audience: Prior to investing time on building an app, the first and foremost step is to consider your target audience. How are they going to use your app? And finally what do you hope to achieve?

    2.Involve potential end users in the Design Phase: There are certain problems when designing an application, if you work exclusively with your team and not involve the end users. When the final design is released, some features of your design might not go well to the end users. To evade this trouble, involve the end users in the design phase.

    3.Make the app uncomplicated: The app should be straight forward and simple to understand with descriptions and instructions wherever required. The app design should not excessively rely on the images to unfold the story. That may not go well with the users as they might not understand the purpose of the app.

    4.Evade excessive usage Graphics and Animations: Graphics and animations can create a great visual treat but there is also a major drawback associated with it – slow loading times which transform into a poor user experience. Hence avoid excessive usage of graphics & animations and use only where required. Using Vector graphics is a good option as the file sizes are much smaller and loading times are much faster.

    5.Sizes of Buttons and Icons are important too: Considering the size of buttons and icons is crucial in mobile app development. If the buttons/icons are too tiny, users may possibly make mistakes by picking the wrong one.

    6.Thorough testing: The most essential part in development of an application is testing. It is very important to test the final product thoroughly so that the errors if any can be fixed right away.